Who We Are


Africa Institute for strategic Management and Capacity Building (AISMAC) also Gazetted by National Council for Higher Education(NCHE) in Uganda as Africa Institute of Management and Capacity Building is an institution that was established with a goal of becoming a centre for skills development and Capacity building in Africa. AISMAC focuses on both formal and informal education targeting to cater for all social groups in African communities. The Institution also carries out capacity Building programs and consultancies for individuals and corporate organisations for career enhancement and productivity. All academic programs offered at AISMAC are regulated by relevant examination bodies and a Partner University. AISMAC now established in Uganda, operates in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi.

Our Rational

Contextual findings reveals that Uganda, has one of the highest unemployment rates in Africa (sub-Saharan Africa). The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) 2016/17, National House Hold survey put the national unemployment rate at 21.2 % with 4 million Uganda aged 14 to 64, desperately looking for jobs.

Yet again, according to National Planning Authority (NPA), seven hundred thousand (700,000) people enter the job market every year regardless of qualifications but only Ninety thousand (90,000) find work. This is a clear indicator of skills gap in our country. It is also a clear problem of skills mis-match between graduates and labour market.  

Thus, AISMAC dispatches programs that mitigate the gap between graduates and labour market. That is by responding to the skills mis-match between trainees and labour market needs as well as preparing the trainees for self employment.

In addition, AISMAC in her strategy further acknowledges the urgent need of mentorship programs in addition to skills/entrepreneurship program that prepare her clients to respond to the needs and transformation of the society.

This enable AISMAC graduates not only to become job creators but also have the right attributes as well as entrepreneurship skills to manage their entities, especially in the ever changing contextual world.


1. Client’s goals are our major concern. We partner with our clients together with them we achieve their business and career goals

2. We build differentiated capacity through Innovation

3. We deliver business Results with Excellence

4. We are an unmatched team of experienced professionals seasoned in all areas of our major Business Development, Human resource development, Science, Information technology and Research.

5. We deliver distinctive client value

6. Building confidence and Competency in Clients is our Niche


To be a model Institution in Africa in skills development and capacity Building


To provide quality and holistic education services and develop technical capacity required for productivity in the market place through skills development, strategic management, technology and research.