Certificate in Health Management Information Systems

This course Introduces delegates to terminology, concepts, theory, software, development methodologies and fundamental skills used in planning and implementing health information systems in health organizations.

Key topics include health informatics concepts, electronic health records management, Health information system development life cycle, needs assessment, quality assurance of health information systems, among others.

Course Outline

·         Overview of  information Technology in HealthCare

·         Introduction to Medical and Public Health Informatics

·         Health Management Information Systems overview

·         information technologies in strategic management in Public Health

·         Information technology needs assessment of a healthcare organizational unit.

·         Health Management Information Systems Development life cycle

·         Health Management Information Systems Quality Assessment and Improvement

·         Health Management Information Systems and Health Research

·         Ethics in computing

·         Computer and Health Management Information Systems security

·         HMIS - Governance, Policy, and International Perspectives

·         Project Planning and Management concepts

·         Group Project


Learning Outcomes

 Describe the evolution of information technology and its uses in healthcare management and delivery.

 Analyze current and future trends in the application of information technology to the healthcare industry.

 Relate the use of data and enabling information technologies in strategic management, financial management, clinical outcomes management and public health/population management.

·         Diagram the information systems lifecycle and the process and critical issues related to identifying information and systems requirements and designing, developing, testing, implementing and evaluating information systems in healthcare settings.

·         Conduct an analysis to justify the cost of new information technology systems, including the calculation of return on investment for information technology projects in health related organizations.

·         Assess technology options to support medical systems

·         Demonstrate intermediate knowledge of application software; including spreadsheets; e-mail; word processing; database management.

·         Analyze and synthesize the legal and ethical issues related to health information management and the use of information technology in healthcare management and clinical practice; including privacy, confidentiality and security

·         Summarize foundational governmental policies and investments in healthcare; and why the federal government is currently making significant investments in healthcare IT. Analyze various healthcare scenarios and suggest optimal technology strategies.

·         Work as a teammate and leader in projects involving information technology personnel.

 Duration: 4 weeks ,   2 contact hours per day

 Fees:   USD.250


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